A high English level is an advantage for your future, recognized by employers and academic institutions around the world. Qualifications are very important and some courses lead towards an internationally recognized exam. We will help you to find the perfect course for you with a very attractive price guaranteed:

General English: These courses cover all areas of language study in optimal conditions. Each student will enjoy personalized guidance. In this way you can easily make rapid progress and improve your language level, which will enable you to move onto the specific courses programme if you wish to do so.

Business English: These courses are designed for people with specifics needs like business people and those who want to improve their English in their own professional area. Each course enhance your language level, your spoken fluency and your communicative skills in a business context, for example: taking part in meetings; speaking on the telephone; writing briefings, business letters and emails.

Examination Courses: It is always valuable to take an internationally-recognized examination, it can be an important tool for your future. Each examination focuses on specific aspects of the language and our partner schools offer specialized preparation courses for each certificate in order for you to be all set for the day of the exam.

o   Cambridge First (FCE), Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE): The Cambridge exams are known all over the world. They have an excellent reputation and are recognized by universities, employers and national education authorities as tangible evidence of a qualification in linguistic competence.

o    IELTS (International English Language Testing System): It is required for undertaking university studies in certain English-speaking countries, notably Australia and Great Britain. This exam is designed to evaluate general skills in oral and written comprehension, as well as other practical areas such as summaries and written reports.

o   TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): represents a precise standard of evaluation of linguistic level that allows you to commence studies in the majority of American and Canadian colleges and universities. Numerous companies also use it as a condition for employment and promotion.

 These courses are specially designed for adults and they are offered all year long. There are also different accommodation options as student residences, host families or hostels.






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