When is the best moment to learn a language? When you are young!

The junior summer courses are aimed at young people, between 11 and 18 years old, who want to enjoy the summer learning a language. These courses are a great chance to get in touch and develop in new environments for a short period of time.

Besides acquiring fluency in the languge, this experience allows the student to know a new world and make new friends in the same situation, from all over the world. In short, this experience will help you mature in several aspects.



     - On an average 15-20 hours of lessons per week, although there are also

       intensive courses.

     - Small international groups with lots of individual attention.

     - Language assessment test and induction lesson on students first day.

     - Continuous monitoring of students progress.

     - Highly qualified teachers.

     - End of course certificate. 



In addition to the language classes, pleasure and discovery will help you speed up the learning process and memorise new elements better.You can enjoy:

     - Full-day and half day excursions by coach to a well-known place.

     - Sports and leisure activities in the afternoon/evening (local visits, karaoke,

       cinema, theater, football, bowling, games, shopping...)




We offer you a choice of quality accommodation options to suit your preferences and budget. Both choices will give you a comfortable and safe environment where you can feel at home.

Residential: You could be hosted in a boarding school with one or several beds per room, or in modern university halls of residence in a single study bedroom. Bed linen is normally provided, there are laundry facilities on site and all meals are usually included (breakfast, lunch and dinner). 

Homestay: Living with local host provides students with a great opportunity to improve their English and experience the way of life of the country. Hosts are carefully selected for their warm hospitality and friendliness and are inspected regularly. They provide breakfast and dinner at home, and in some cases a packed lunch. Some homes are within walking distance of school, but in many cases students will need to catch a bus





Each centre has a director who is charge of all students and available to help them with any problems. All staff are recruited and trained to provide the best welfare.

All residential summer centres are in the secure environment of premier English boarding schools and universities. In schools where there are Homestay students, there is a local Homestay Organiser who provides assistance.

There will be follow up and ongoing support from Barcelona.





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