Fast and flexible language learning

Maybe a traditional language school to learning a language may not be the best option for some people. Met Barcelona has a solution that offers personalised tuition in a unique setting: immersion language courses in the teacher’s home.  

This service matches learners with an experienced language teacher in the country of their choice. The result: A personalised and one-to-one learning experience that delivers the fastest possible language progress.

. Students of all ages and levels

. Over 30 countries worldwide

. Private tuition adapted to your particular needs

. Adult, Business, Junior and Family programmes

. Business English, General English or a mix of both

. High quality accommodation in host families

This full immersion course is offered worldwide and all year long for adults, juniors, families and business learners who need a top quality course in a native-speaker-only environment.

Perfect for: 

. People who need to speak better English ... fast. They include managing directors, professionals, university students and parents who understand the importance of English for their children.

. People who do not thrive in a traditional classroom environment.

. Learners with a disability (some teachers specialise in students with a physical or learning disability).

 . Anyone seeking the most authentic and complete cultural immersion.


Standard Programme

You stay in your own room with full-board accommodation (3 meals a day) and choose from 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of one-to-one language lessons per week. You decide if you want to live in an experienced teacher's home or with a host family, where the teacher comes to you each day to give you classes. You could choose Business English, General English or a mix of both.


Programmes with Activities

Improve your language skills while having fun by choosing activities in addition to your language lessons! Practice your favourite Sport (or try a new one) with a coach, learn about the Culture (museums, castles and other famous places of cultural interest) or have cooking, dance or art lessons, go shopping or visit a theme park and much more with our Leisure programme. We also offer General Activities (activities decided between you and your teacher after you arrive), Farmstay and special Seasonal activities (Christmas/New Year etc.).

If you are serious about improving your English, and want a tailored course where you meet only English speakers, this course is the best choice for you!  It's English all day, every day!






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